Bookmark Docs lets you precisely "bookmark" any places in various documents and
then quickly return to them whenever you need, and do all that in a unified manner.
Add bookmarks and hyperlinks to Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, CHM, and MSDN documents, and to Web pages.


   Download the installation package. The master installation will assist you to install the application easily and simply.


When you will launch the Bookmark Docs the application icon will appear in your system tray.

Bookmark Docs icon


   To register Bookmark Docs, select Registration from the menu. If you have purchased a license already, simply enter you e-mail and press "Activate". If you have not already purchased a license, click on "Buy" and purchase a license to enter into the Registration window.


Add bookmarks and hyperlinks

   Add a bookmark for the last used application of those supported by Bookmark Docs, or use the Add from List command and select a specific application, or define the bookmark manually — by entering a title and an address (internal CHM and MSDN addresses are fully supported).

add bookmark

   You can save bookmark or copy hyperlink url


   Bookmark Docs' another key feature is the extensive use of hyperlinks with all supported document formats. You can easily define a URL for any place in the document. You can also add URLs to other documents, to send those URLs to someone else, and so on.

Go to bookmark

   You can open a bookmark via the context menu (by left-clicking the Bookmark Docs icon in the system tray), via bookmark manager, or by going to the address

open from context menu   You can open a bookmark via the bookmark manager

If document has been moved to new place, you should to set new path

new path

Bookmarks manager

   You can search, edit, open or classified bookmarks via bookmark manager.

Bookmark manager

   Categorize information by tags. You can create tags for bookmarks in one of the following ways:
1. select the tag and the bookmarks, and then use the Set Tag for Bookmarks command
2. drag and drop the bookmarks to the tag
3. drag and drop the tags to the bookmark

Shared bookmarks

   A team of users can work on groups of bookmarks — just share the bookmark storage file among the users on network.
You can also use a version control system or any other means to track bookmark updates or share hyperlinks to specific places.


Integration with other application

   Bookmark Docs supports hyperlinks for a different popular document formats, you can use it together with any other bookmark manager. For example, you can keep in Google Bookmarks not only URLs pointing to Web pages, but also hyperlinks to specific places in PDF and CHM documents, or the MSDN Library.

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